Thanks from California

thanks for the awesome service... Kevin was professional and diligent... would highly recommend him for your aiptasia killing needs! Richard from California

Richard from California


First order

I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I bought 6 different corals and all arrived in perfect condition and are still doing great in my two tanks. I have had them for one month. The most amazing thing is that Salty Underground ships to Puerto Rico. Up until now, I have been unable to purchase any corals or fish on-line and as such, have had to pay extremely high prices, with limited selection. What an amazing find!!!!!!!

Testimonial by: Tina Woodruff of Puerto Rico

Date Added: 09-18-2011


Eating Right Away

Got my berghia. One or two started to eat before I even began acclimating them. I put them on my rock after acclimating them and they all crawled around. Thanks, Mike