I am a beginner at this salt water reef tank hobby. I placed an order for several coral about a week ago from Salty. The shippment arrived right on time and everything was alive and in tact. I must say they did a great job of packing the corals and mak...

Dean Huffman from Doylestown, PA


Aiptasia Gone Already

The Berghia are pretty amazing. I placed them on a rock with three small aiptasia and watched them for a few minutes. They seemed to happily wander around, and then mostly disappeared into the rock. I left the office for a few hours -- and when I came back the aiptasia on that rock were all gone! One of the Berghia had disappeared. But the other looked fat and happy where an aiptasia had once stood. I thought the others might just have closed up -- but nearly 12 hours later -- they are still gone. And, they never stay closed for more than a few minutes.

Testimonial by: Greg K. of Pittsburgh, PA

Date Added: 10-16-2011


Could Not Be Happier

The purchases that we have made through your company have been nothing short of stellar. They were very accurately represented on your website and each piece brought additional flavor to my tank. Your customer service is second to none. Your comm...

Stephen K. from Old Hickory, TN