Great Communication

Thanks for all the great communication and the shipping was very professional. The Berghia arrived fine. I gently placed the remaining animals on the rocks and they quickly disappeared. Thanks!



Aiptasia Gone Already

The Berghia are pretty amazing. I placed them on a rock with three small aiptasia and watched them for a few minutes. They seemed to happily wander around, and then mostly disappeared into the rock. I left the office for a few hours -- and when I came back the aiptasia on that rock were all gone! One of the Berghia had disappeared. But the other looked fat and happy where an aiptasia had once stood. I thought the others might just have closed up -- but nearly 12 hours later -- they are still gone. And, they never stay closed for more than a few minutes.

Testimonial by: Greg K. of Pittsburgh, PA

Date Added: 10-16-2011


Very Nice Quality!

I have ordered coral a few times from this company and not have been disappointed one time. Lisa is a very hands on person with great customer service. On a previous order I had ordered a purple death poly and some how it disappeared in my tank during ...

Deborah Randall from Columbus Ohio