Got my order- everything is great!

I received my order with the Berghia nudibranches and corals, and everything is great. Everything was packaged beautifully, and arrived perfectly. They acclimated wonderfully, and I appreciate your instructions emailed to me previously. Thanks again,...



Wonderful Experience

I highly recommend ordering from Salty Underground. The prices and quality are excellent. I was very impressed with the knowledge that I received from Lisa and didn’t feel uncomfortable asking any questions. I live within 2 hours of the web store and chose to drive instead of shipping to residence. It was well worth the drive to see the setup and systems they have in place. I can’t vouch for the shipping process since I chose store pickup (99.9% shipping success rate needs no reiteration anyway). However, rest assured that the items you receive will be of high quality from a reputable and knowledgeable staff. Can't wait to place my next order. Thanks Lisa!

Testimonial by: Keith Urhahn of Cape Girardeau, MO

Date Added: 01-31-2012


4 Days in Shipping and Still Alive!

Hi, FedEx finally delivered the shipment four days late. The berghia have actually survived. They were all still alive and I followed your instructions to put them into at least 32 oz of my acquarium water and I fed them a couple of aptasias. I left ...