Awesome Corals

I just want to say, thanks, I love the mystery coral zoas and the green scoly is awesome! I attached a pic of the scoly in my tank.

Ryan S. from Normal OK


Excellent and Personal Service

I must say that I was a little nervous about ordering corals online, however with the nearest store with corals a two hour drive away the shipping was no more than the price of gas so I though I would try it. I must say that this was my best online shopping experience ever. Lisa is very personable and amazing at customer service. She even emailed me to see if she could ship me a nicer looking Acan coral than the one I ordered because she had better! Also the Ricordea that I received has 4 heads! Amazing looking corals and highly recommended! I can't wait to order again. Thank You!

Testimonial by: Brenton Woodruff of Prescott, AZ

Date Added: 02-10-2012


Stunning Coral

The corals arrived in great shape. That chalice is stunning! Thanks very much, I will continue to watch your website.

Jean M. from US