Multiplied Like Crazy 5/2/08

Hi Guys, Adored the berghia I bought from you & they multiplied like crazy. Now all my aiptasia are gone & they'll die if I don't find somehow to sell them or what have you. Any ideas? Do you guys buy berghia? I'd sell them super cheap! Just re...



Berghia Success!

Last year, I ordered 10 Berghias as I had a major aptasia problem. Prior to ordering the Berghias, I had tried all of the other aptasia remedies available... (ie. aptasia killers, file fish, peppermint shrimp.) I wasn't able to eradicate this problem and the aptasia spread fast and had carpeted my sand bed and was stinging and killing my corals on the live rock throughout the tank. I knew that I probably needed more than ten Berghia's to fix my aptasia problem but had heard that they are often killed or eaten by other animals in the tank (which is not necessarily true as they are nocturnal and fish aren't... exception being peppermint shrimp...) Upon receipt of my Berghia order, I followed the acclimation instructions and then carefully added my Berghia to the tank at night. My fish ignored their new little tank mates and the Berghias quickly dispersed on the rock. I hoped for the best and didn't see them for weeks. One night, after the lights had been off for a while in my tank, I took a flashlight and watched my tank for several minutes to see if they were still alive... (I had so many aptasia that even if they were eating it, I couldn't tell.) Finally, I saw a large Berghia slide up the rock! :) I did this every week and always found a Berghia, if I wait long enough, after the lights were out. Three months after introducing the Berghias I started noticing that large sections of apatasia would disappear in one or two days. They had bred to the capacity that they needed to to clear out large sections at once. By month four, I hardly had anything left for them to eat and I saw Berghias sporadically all over my tank, day and night. They even began curling up and floating in the water current to overhanging pipes that had aptasia on them. They had completely eradicated my apsasia on every surface and I was able to get in store credit ($10/ea) at my local saltwater fish store for all of the Berghias that I caught roaming around in search for more aptasia after they had cleaned up. Even when my Berghias were out during the day, my fish ignored them. In hindsight, I should have ordered more Berghias initially and I wouldn't have had to wait as long for the complete eradication of my aptasia.

Testimonial by: Stephanie S. of Bothell, WA

Date Added: 07-05-2012



Just wanted to say thanks! The maxima clam and purple gorgonian I received yesterday are doing great and look amazing in their new home.

Jim V. from Tyler, Texas