Aiptasia All Gone

I just want to let you know that I was very pleased with the results of the nudibranchs that I received. I ordered 10 of them for my 92 gallon corner tank. I would say I had probably 100 – 150 larger aiptesia’a and now they are all gone. It took ma...

Brian G.


Testimony After 3 Months

Hi, In the latter part of September I wrote that I couldn’t see any berghia. You suggested maybe my nitrates were high and to use a single test process. I did that and the nitrates were higher then you advised, so I presumed the berghia were gone. Shortly after that, I noticed the aiptasia were really starting to disappear rapidly. Then about 2 weeks ago, I saw a big healthy berhia in the rocks on the side of my tank! Last week I saw a baby berghia climbing up the side of the tank, so I know they had eggs that hatched successfully and it just took a while for all of them to start making a difference in my tank. I had tons of aiptasia for them to eat and now I can’t see any aiptasia. I just wanted to tell you how marvelous it is to have a nice tank again. I am most grateful. This is the only way to get rid of a tank overwhelmed with aiptasia. Thanks,

Testimonial by: Emma

Date Added: 10-27-2009



Have you ever opened your coral shipment...only to find out that you have been a victim of Coral Rape? Coral Rape is where you order what you think will be decent sized frags; only to find out that you have been shipped a less than one inch coral??? WE...

David Armstrong from Bonita Springs, FL