Very Satisfied Customer

Quick Testimonial Here: First off, I had a terrific experience working with Lisa at Salty Underground. Her friendly and informative approach to dealing with my aptasia problem made all the difference. I had (emphasis on "had") an outbreak of aptasia...

Matthew Phillips from Morton IL


moving the tank

I decided to take my 210 gallon tank off it's stand and move it into the wall, I hired the Salty Underground crew to make the move for me, They did a great job, arrived early and by mid afternoon they had everything up and going, it appears all the fish and corals survived the move, No way I could of done all this on my own, Now all I need is my contractor back here to trim it all out and i'll be happy. Thank you for all the hard work and see you on Friday.

Testimonial by: Michael Cottrell of Edwardsville Illinois

Date Added: 09-18-2012


Its all good

All (4) of your babies arrived safely, were acclimated and placed in their new home. Thanks again, if possible I will throw a photo your way. Brian