55g tank done!

Hi, Here is an update. I bought some nudi's from you a few months ago. They did a good job on ridding aptasia's in my 55 gal. Thanks,



Tank Clean Up

I have to admit that I was skeptical about our purchase of 15 nudibranches after 2 months went by without any sign of them. But around the 8 week mark we started seeing them and their handiwork. Now two reasonable sized areas of the tank are clear of aiptasia, and we can easily see the nudi's at work without trying very hard. We've also spotted 3 different sets of eggs, in their circular pattern. So they seem to be thriving and slowly but surely cleaning up our tank.

Testimonial by: Allen C.

Date Added: 05-22-2013



Success! All four Berghia are in the tank and moving around trying to find a place to hide on my live rock! Hopefully they will be hungry tonight! LOL! Thank you for everything! Great service!

Tom M. from Kalispell, Montana