Aiptasia Gone Already

The Berghia are pretty amazing. I placed them on a rock with three small aiptasia and watched them for a few minutes. They seemed to happily wander around, and then mostly disappeared into the rock. I left the office for a few hours -- and when I came ...

Greg K. from Pittsburgh, PA


Three Months Ago...

I purchased berghia from you three months ago due to a SEVERE aptasia infestation. The representative told me that i should expect to see results in 2-3 months. After i acclimated my berghia, I never saw them again. Two months went by, and i became discouraged, as i saw no change in my aptasia population. SUDDENLY, I began seeing one or two berghia here and there in the evening hours, and they were two to three times the size that i bought them. THEN, I noticed my aptasia population was slowly reducing!!!!! Now, one month later, (exactly three months from when i purchased the berghia----JUST LIKE YOU SAID), I have almost no aptasia left!!!!! I see maybe two or three here and there. YOU GUYS (and the BERGHIA of course) are my heroes!!! You really saved my aquarium from certain destruction. Before introducing my berghia, i was purchasing AIPTASIA X EVERY TWO WEEKS. I'M SO GRATEFUL !!!! KUDOS TO YOU ALL!!!and many THANX!!!

Testimonial by: Ed F. of New Jersey

Date Added: 07-07-2013


Thank you

Well approximately 3 months ago I bought 20 berghia from saltyunderground. They arrived live and well. I was somewhat skeptical about how this purchase would turn out after reading many statements on the internet that the berghia did not work. I have w...

Darryl Vanacker from Woodstock, Ontario, CANADA