well, i was a little skeptical,but my magnificent seven nudis are destroying my apstasia,love my little nightime bandits!! Thanks!! ps the tank raised urchin cleans rock like a zambozi cleans ice,wow love him

peter stamile from okla


Back Again

I'm back for more Berghia. This is my third order in 3 years. I have 4 marine systems with 32 varieties of coral, 26 varieties of fish, and virtually every type of invertebrate available, within reason. The star being a 130 gallon living reef in the living room. These are the only natural creatures that actually rid the tanks of the pesky Aiptasia effectively while not adding any chemical or biological agent that may adversely affect the balance of the eco-system. Your Berghia have always arrived in great shape, hungry, and ready to move into their new home. Thanks for supplying the home aquarist with a quality product at a fair price.

Testimonial by: Larry Baine of South Carolina

Date Added: 12-01-2013


Awesome as Always

Salty Underground is my go to place for berghia nudibranch. They never fail to impress with the health of their specimen and shipping practices. Communication was exceptionally fast on my last order. Wish all companies were like Salty Underground.