Everything went perfectly. The package was waiting for me, as expected. All of the Berghia were visible and active. After the drip acclimation, they are now in my tank. I watched as they crawled, from where I placed them, into the rock work. It has...

Brad F. from Calgary, Alberta Canada


Berghia Nudibranch

Failed to set up a QT and survived for years. Then had some aiptasia enter the system through some zoanthids. The aiptasia spread throughout the display tank even with repeated treatments of aiptasia removers and kalk. Eventually the display tank was overrun by aiptasia. Read articles on Berghia and found Salty Underground online as no Berghia could be found locally. Read all the information provided by Salty Underground and followed up with a telephone call describing my problem and asking for advice. Customer service was informative and patient. Purchased eight 1/4 " Berghia for a 46G display tank. Followed the acclimation procedures and put them all in one spot at the far right hand side of the tank. They devoured all the aiptasia in the tank moving from right to left, and they multiplied in the tank. The process took a couple of months. Assisted in the destruction of the aiptasia twice as it seemed some were too large or too near the powerheads or some tiny ones reappeared in areas already swept clean in an attempt to survive . All of the aiptasia are gone and have been gone for a couple months. Highly recommend this, and will be setting up a QT.

Testimonial by: FirstContact

Date Added: 03-20-2014



I did receive the nudibranchs alive and well. I wanted to leave a quick note to say I was very impressed about the packaging. It was done superb! I have order many things from online marine stores and your packaging has exceed everyone's. I especially ...

Aubrey from US