nudibranchs work!!!

120 gallon reef tank completely over run with aptasia. tried some chemical stuff but didn't make a dent. Bought 50 1/2" on sale. Put them in tank and they pretty much disappeared. Saw a few egg whirls on first day but no critters. a month goes by and I...

peter nelson from Iron mountian, MI


Great Service Very Happy

To start with, I was very impressed with the service. I made a request to have Berghia shipped for arrival on a specific date. I received a follow email and call ensuring that the requested date was correct. The Berghia arrived on the specified date, well packaged and healthy. I have had the Berghia in my aquarium for a couple of months now and they have been doing a fantastic job of cleaning up my Aiptasia infestation. Almost all of my bare live rock had Aiptasia. I had been fighting them with Aiptasia-X for the last couple of years with no success. With the Berghia almost all of the Aiptasia are now gone. I see the Berghia working away most evenings. Some have gotten really fat!

Testimonial by: Walter Hodges of Dallas

Date Added: 05-20-2014


Thank You! you have saved my 55gal

hI, 6 months or so i got 4 berghia. like you said i didnt see much of them. it wasnt long after i got them the aptaisa got way out of control. my son said that was some expensive fish food and, i started to wonder myself. i kept killing the large ones...