Amazing Berghia

I want to express my gratitude. Having tried most methods of Aptasia control (to no avail) the Berghia you have supplied are a god send. Though not immediate, the Berghia love to hunt, snack and wipe out the pesty, nuisance Aptasia. No chemicals, no...

Bret Ebaugh from MSP


I Was Skeptical

I purchased 10 berghia nudibranches in early September. Within hours they all disappeared. I didn't see another at all until several weeks later, 1 lone berghia would very rarely pop out of the rocks at night. I pretty much figured the others were dead and it was just a matter of time before this one kicked it too. Never saw it munch on aptasia and it seemed aptasia #s were staying steady. I had given up until I found another berghia in my sump. So now there were at least two left and by now they were big, fat and happy! The next day I noticed there were hardly any aptasia left... I hadn't been paying attention. It's been about a week since and I can only find a few aptasia visible in my tank! There were 100s of them when I made the purchase! So, I was very skeptical but I'll admit that this solution worked. I'd say there's a chance they might miss a few before they starve, but if I need to purchase more of these critters every year or so I'm okay with that. Thank you for providing a solution to such a frustrating problem!

Testimonial by: Justin S. of USA

Date Added: 12-27-2015


Eating Already!

Just transferred all the berghia into my tank, I was nervous but it was easy, they are eating already!

Debra A. from PA