Fantastic Frugal Frags...

..."Salty's Fantastic Frugal Frags" should be the title! The frags arrived in great shape with care taken for shipping. They were acclimated and placed in their new home within two hours after arrival (took some time with the drip acclimation proce...

Troy Jensen from NM


Feedback Left on Reef Central

Here is some feedback for buying berghia from Salty Underground shared on Reed Central recently. 11/3/05 BarkingCrab "I received my order from Salty earlier today and wanted to comment on the service and quality. The livestock arrived in great shape and was well packed. Service was excellent - Kevin e-mailed to inquire about status shortly after FedEx dropped the package off. A great experience so far - I'm interested to see the little guys at work. Thanks Kevin." 10/12/05 WendyMc "Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that I received my Berghia yesterday, and I highly recommend purchasing from Kevin. Communication was excellent, my box arrived w/just about the most careful packing job I've ever seen, & my nudis are very healthy & active. Kevin even combined shipping w/ a coral supplier (chadscamaro), so I was able to add some very nice frags to my box which made the price of shipping a little easier on the wallet. Thanks a lot for the excellent service, Kevin!" 9/22/05 blackie lawless "Got mine on Tuesday and all were alive and doing fine thanks to the great packaging Salty provides." 9/20/05 Rascal "Got 20 Berghia from Kevin last week. In terms of communication and quality of product, I couldn't have asked for better. And yes, they eat the hell out of aiptasia." 9/10/05 treszoks "I received mine on Friday as well. Got them acclimated, gave them a snack, and released them in the tank. Can't wait to see what they do!"

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Date Added: 11-11-2005


Thank You

All 4 of my corals were alive and are doing well. The pulsing xenia is my pick and has been very active. The paly grandis is beautiful and opening up and the toadstools are perfect. Thanks for picking such nice specimens.

Norma H. from Maryland