Arrived Fine in Hot Weather

Hi, They arrived fine and are in the midst of the acclimation process at this very moment. I'm looking forward to disappearing aptasia. Lucia



A+ for many years

I have been purchasing coral and inverts from Salty Und. for several years now. Everything I've ever purchased has been exactly what it was supposed to be, packaged very well, and I have had fantastic customer service. I have a Duncan colony that I got from SU that started 3 years ago as 5 heads. It now has over 70 heads! A+ business and couldn't recommend enough. I have been a customer for 4 years.

Testimonial by: Andy Ruffner of Fairfax, VA

Date Added: 01-21-2016


Eating Aiptaisa from the Start

I got my berghia and they were in great condition. They ate a couple aptasia while they were acclimating and disappeared into the rock work once introduced into the tank. Thank you, Aaron