Salty Underground only store for me.

I used to work in a saltwater reef store. I have seen lots of different corals come and go, but I have never seen some of the species that they have here. The other reason I will be a loyal customer to the salty underground is the staff. Every package ...

Louis David from United States


Stereo Update

I wanted to give you an update on my steronephthya since I've had it a few months. It is doing amazing. I turn the pumps off and feed a mixture of zooplankton (Gonipower), Golden Pearls and phyto. I just throw in the phyto since I put it in the tank anyway. The Golden pearls is a very small particle food. I use the one that is 5 to 50 micron size. I've noticed growth in the last couple of weeks. I think you can see how big it's gotten. It looks like that in the morning, when I get home from work and before I go to bed. Good solid flow is critical. I give it a combo of laminar and non laminar flow. It receives some constant flow coming out of the overflow box and some from wavemaker/powerheads.So happy!

Testimonial by: Ken B of Colorado

Date Added: 05-18-2016


great experience

I have used saltyunderground a couple of times now. This is a great company to deal with. They have the best response time of any company that I have ever dealt with. All of my emails were answered within minutes. All of my corals arrived in beautiful,...

CRAIG VAUGHN from kentucky