New Babies

Hi, I recieved my new babies and are being acclimated as we speek, they all look like they are in great shape and I will add an aptasia to see if they eat. thanks again Sean



Stereo Update

I wanted to give you an update on my steronephthya since I've had it a few months. It is doing amazing. I turn the pumps off and feed a mixture of zooplankton (Gonipower), Golden Pearls and phyto. I just throw in the phyto since I put it in the tank anyway. The Golden pearls is a very small particle food. I use the one that is 5 to 50 micron size. I've noticed growth in the last couple of weeks. I think you can see how big it's gotten. It looks like that in the morning, when I get home from work and before I go to bed. Good solid flow is critical. I give it a combo of laminar and non laminar flow. It receives some constant flow coming out of the overflow box and some from wavemaker/powerheads.So happy!

Testimonial by: Ken B of Colorado

Date Added: 05-18-2016


Thanks for the coral freebies

Got the corals today everything looks good so far, just waiting for the lights to turn and polyps to open up. Thanks for the freebies, very generous of you. Will definitely do business in the future. Keep me in mind if you get anything real colorful or...