Shipment Arrived!

Good morning, I wanted to let you know that my berghia arrived first thing this morning! Before 9:00 a.m. even!!! Now THAT'S service! I am very excited to get home and get them acclimated and added to my tank, thank you for all your help and your step-...

Michelle G.


Another Great Shipment

Everything has acclimated well and made the trip successfully. I've ordered from Salty Underground twice and have been very pleased with my orders. The Scoly and the Roundflora were not done justice in the pictures. When I added them to the tank I was like "DANG". Also the SPS I've received from Salty Underground has been top notch, usually exhibiting PE in the bag. With your follow ups it also seems like you care about the customer and (I get the feeling) would answer a question if I had one - which I sometimes don't get when I spend $300 or more on corals from other establishments. Thanks again for a great shipment.

Testimonial by: Crowell of USA

Date Added: 05-19-2016



Our Berghia arrived beautifully intact and I can't emphasize enough how much we appreciate the extras that you sent our way. We were able to complete a full acclimation process and they are all looking healthy and happy! Thank you again for all of ...

Rissa from Eureka, CA