Phenominal Acan

The blue zenia is is very blue, as you said. The acan is phenominal...it has a lot more than the three heads (also like you said). And the Berghia are munching away...so I'm excited about that. I'm very happy that I placed the order. I'll keep you p...



Fantastic Frugal Frags...

..."Salty's Fantastic Frugal Frags" should be the title! The frags arrived in great shape with care taken for shipping. They were acclimated and placed in their new home within two hours after arrival (took some time with the drip acclimation process) The Branching Hammer Coral extended out within an hour of being placed in the aquarium and the Bright Green Star Polyps Coral started opening soon after. All eight of the specimens I purchased are healthy and are showing no signs of stress after one week! TOTALLY AWESOME! Oh...and the mystery coral! Worth every bit of the surprise! :-) I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Testimonial by: Troy Jensen of NM

Date Added: 08-25-2016


Alive after 6 Days in Transit

I got the package picked up and all 6 berghia are alive!! I guess I hold the record for the longest time in shipping at 6 days (thanks to customs and FedEx). I've put them in the tank and there were 3 egg packs as well.

Todd M. from Sudbury, ON Canada