Three Months Ago...

I purchased berghia from you three months ago due to a SEVERE aptasia infestation. The representative told me that i should expect to see results in 2-3 months. After i acclimated my berghia, I never saw them again. Two months went by, and i became dis...

Ed F. from New Jersey



Berghia are all here and got acclimated and into the tank seemingly without a hitch. Two began to eat an aiptasia immediately and kids thought it was so cool to see them go from white to brown-tinged as they were eating. Remarkable! Funny story - while my husband's hand was in the tank with the pipette waiting for a berghia to crawl out onto the live rock the new bicolor blenny we got in this order came out of hiding to investigate and ended up perching on his hand for awhile, much to the children's delight! So I would say he handle the trip quite nicely, wouldn't you? Lol! Such a funny guy already. Thanks again. Will keep you posted on how they do... the tank is quite infested so there's no shortage of aiptasia for them to munch on. Blessings

Testimonial by: Angela E. of Oklahoma

Date Added: 11-02-2016


Could Not Be Happier

The purchases that we have made through your company have been nothing short of stellar. They were very accurately represented on your website and each piece brought additional flavor to my tank. Your customer service is second to none. Your comm...

Stephen K. from Old Hickory, TN