Berghia Work

I bought berghia in July and then again in August. I bought a total of 13 1/4 inch for my 90 gallon. They have doubled in size. I actually saw some at night and they were together so hopefully they'll mate.Lately the aptasia have been disappearing. Fin...

Ferlando from Illinois



I could have bought from Foster and Smith (great outfit) but I would have gotten corals in the past that I didn't want for what I'm trying to do--SPS tank with LED blue lights. Secondly, the quality of your corals is superb. Also, I appreciated your help with the aiptasia problem that I had. Berghia worked on the large infestation. Before the Berghia I had to use aiptasia RX over a long period of time since I had one or two aiptasia cropping up. Now, so far, I am free of aiptasia. Finally, glad you turned me on to cerith snails.

Testimonial by: Lydia B. of Colorado

Date Added: 11-02-2016


Much Satisfied Customer

I have said hello to my little friends. They are worth the cost of shipping as far as I'm concerned. As I have used hem before I know what they can do. In fact, one of the little guys/ girls after being in the tank for just over an hour was seen h...

Jeffery S.