Eating During Acclimation

I got my Anemone and the Berghia today a 11:00 AM. I am very pleased everything looks very healthy. The Berghia are eating an Aptasia right now while they are acclimating. Thank you so much!! I am very happy!! Kyle




I could have bought from Foster and Smith (great outfit) but I would have gotten corals in the past that I didn't want for what I'm trying to do--SPS tank with LED blue lights. Secondly, the quality of your corals is superb. Also, I appreciated your help with the aiptasia problem that I had. Berghia worked on the large infestation. Before the Berghia I had to use aiptasia RX over a long period of time since I had one or two aiptasia cropping up. Now, so far, I am free of aiptasia. Finally, glad you turned me on to cerith snails.

Testimonial by: Lydia B. of Colorado

Date Added: 11-02-2016


Foolin' Around

Thank you. Slugs arrived, and drip acclimated okay. They were fooling around with each other in the shipping bag and laid 2 spirals of eggs after being in my display tank for only 24 hrs. I have enjoyed witnessing several berghia attacks on aiptasia...