Today, I am receiving my third order from Salty Underground! I am blown away by the quality of their corals and invertebrates. In all, I have ordered 27 corals and 89 inverts from them and EVERYTHING has looked better than the pics have shown. They hav...

ANGI COBB from Tulsa


Cant possibly type enough !!

I ordered 10 of the 1/4'' Berghia Nudibranchs and a frag of green Acro. Not being a person that orders online much and never ordered any livestock online being old school I have to say that I am super impressed with this whole process. Immediately after my order I got an email thanking me for my purchase. The next day I got another email with shipping information when to expect my delivery. This was impressive and more personal than I expected. The Nudi's were packaged extremely well as was the Acro frag, shipping was exact to the time of delivery. Live stock was healthy and good looking. I am extremely impressed with Ryan at Salty's who answered my questions in Email thoroughly and has been extremely helpful and professional. This business transaction and customer service / support has been more personal with a feel of a good Local Fish Store. For this I am grateful, satisfied and extremely happy to continue to spend my money with this company. I am in the process of my second order already in just short time of maybe a weeks time. Cant say enough good about Salty's and the experience with a Local feel. Great Job to everyone at Salty Underground. You guys Rock !!

Testimonial by: Michael Lawrence of Slidell Louisiana

Date Added: 05-15-2018


3/4" Berghia Look Nice

All Nudis arrived alive, attached immediately to the rocks in my big tank, and look great. Thx.

Ryan from Illinois