Eating in the Bag

Bergs arrived healthy and hungry. They each ate an aiptasia while acclimating. Thanks, Mike




Hi. Just wanted to let you know that the Berghia arrived in good condition. At least 5 of the 6 ate during the acclimation period which as a real relief to me. All 6 seemed like they were moving around and have all been placed into my tank. I watched as many of them as I could track when I first moved them to the tank and they all seemed to be moving about nicely. Thank you for your follow up. Your level of customer service has been excellent, and I really apprecaite it. Now, I just hope they put a dent in my Aptasia problem over the next month or two. :o) Steve

Testimonial by: Steve

Date Added: 03-02-2006



Everything went perfectly. The package was waiting for me, as expected. All of the Berghia were visible and active. After the drip acclimation, they are now in my tank. I watched as they crawled, from where I placed them, into the rock work. It has...

Brad F. from Calgary, Alberta Canada