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I can't believe it, but I can't see any aiptasia in my tank. 3 months ago they were everywhere, now I can't even find one. These nudi's are heaven sent, thank you very, very much saltyunderground. They were worth every penny, and then some.


Bar Goby -  Ptereleotris zebra

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Bar Goby - Ptereleotris zebra


The Bar Goby is referred to by many names, Zebra Barred Dartfish, Zebra Dart Goby, Barred Dartfish, Zebra Goby, and Chinese Zebra Goby. Both the head and body of the Bar Goby are light green translucent. It's attractive slender body has numerous vertical thin orange stripes.

A tank of at least 30 gallons or larger with a sandy bottom will provide a healthy environment. Small groups or pairs tend to do better in an aquarium than a single individual, and all should be introduced to the tank simultaneousl. The Bar Goby enjoy plenty of swimming room.

The meaty diet of the Bar Goby should include fresh or frozen seafood.


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Every time I order from Lisa and the gang I am blown away. I placed another decent size order including a super nice Keds Red piece. Checkout and everything was completed. This order was placed late at night. Lisa informed me the next morning that unfo...

Stephen Kough from Old Hickory, TN