All Three Alive and Well

Thanks Salty, I just picked up the package and have started the acclimation process. All three are alive and well. Thank you, Vickie


Blue Velvet Damsel

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Blue Velvet Damsel


 The Blue Velvet Damsel is 1-1.50 inches with deep blue and neon markings.

These hardy fish require a tank of 20 gallons or larger. They may be aggressive toward other fish especially damsels including clownfish.

They eat both flake and frozen foods. 


$21.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Awesome Berghia!

Hi, I am back for more berghia for another tank. My problem is that I have four tanks and my grow-out tank, so I am slowly getting rid of the aip's one tank at a time, and it is working really well. When I first orderred them from you, a year ago, th...