Great Start

Hello ! Things are going good ! I only see 1 berghia almost every day. But there are 2 anenomes gone ! They have a way to go but it's a start and exciting ! Bye, John


Harlequin Shrimp  - Hymenocera picta

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Harlequin Shrimp - Hymenocera picta


Harlequin Shrimp, Hymenocera pita, eat exclusively starfish of any kind. Most people use them to eliminate nuisance asterina stars. This small shrimp must be kept in tanks with good water conditions for them to thrive. The size is .5-1 inch.
Guaranteed for live arrival.

$48.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Thanks for the Help

I wanted to let you know that our Berghia arrived about 9:00 this morning and I just finished acclimating them and putting them all into our 135 g tank. Thanks for the great service and helpful tips.

Cathy from Missouri