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Moon Jellyfish

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Moon Jellyfish


Our Moon Jellyfish are one to one and a half inch in diameter and are about 2-3 months old.  The Moon Jellyfish will live for approximately a year.

These beautiful creatures are named for their translucent, moonlike circular bells. Instead of long, trailing tentacles, moon jellies have a short, fine fringe that sweeps food toward the mucous layer on the edges of the bells. Prey is stored in pouches until the oral arms pick it up and begin to digest it.

The coloration of a moon jelly often changes depending on it's diet. If the jelly feeds on crustaceans, it turns pinkish. An orange tint may come from a diet of feeding on brine shrimp. Ours will pickup a slight orange hue as they are fed live baby brine shrimp.


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