Aiptasia All Gone

Your nudibranches did a great job in my infested tank. I had the JBJ cube and all the aiptasia went into the back where the built in overflow was. There were hundreds of them in there. I was afraid to put the nudibranches in there, well they were havin...

Brenda from Charleroi, PA

Red Dragon's Tongue (Galaxaura Marginata)

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Red Dragon's Tongue (Galaxaura Marginata)


 This beautiful Red Dragon's Tongue makes a wonderful addition to your saltwater aquarium.  Copepods love to hide among the flame-shaped frons of this algae.  It also adds in nutrient export.

$44.99 $35.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Good Value

Everything appeared to be in good shape this morning when I acclimated the Berghia. The coral frags are very nice for the price compared to some others I have seen and they look pretty good in the tank. Particularly the merletti (very nice color).

Richard from Illinois