In the Tank!

We got the berghia in our tank now. While we were doing the drip before we put them into the tank, they did eat most of the aptasia that I put in there. I am very hopeful! Thanks for your help. Nancy


Talbot Damsel

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Talbot Damsel


The Talbot Damsel shoud be considered a semi-aggressive fish, although on the slightly mellow side.  They would benefit from a rock structure having hiding places as they are a smaller fish, growing only to 2 inches.

They eat both flake and frozen foods. These fish are very healthy and guaranteed for live arrival.

$19.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Amazing Berghia

I thought you might be interested in hearing about my experience with the Berghia Nuibranchs I ordered in January of this year. Back then, my tank was riddled with aiptasia and I order am army of nudis to do their thing. They were quite successful wi...

Lisa R from Illinois