I thank you soooo much

I cant thank you enough for your guidance regarding the removal of aiptasia from my aquarium. I followed your instructions to the letter and found that your Berghia Nudibranchs are good as gold in the removal and maintenance of pesky aiptasia anemones....

Marc S. from California

AAA Quality Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone - 3 to 4 Inches

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AAA Quality Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone - 3 to 4 Inches


These exceptional Bubble Tip anemone is of the highest quality. It is 3 to 4  inches in diameter when fully spread open. We cannot overstate how insane this anemone is.

Medium to high light and good water quality is required.

Drip acclimate for about 1.25 hours with the goal tripling the water volume in the bag during that time.

$119.99 Ships within 24 hours.


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