Thanks for the Surprise

Everything looks good, waiting for the small zoas to open, but the palys opened right up out of the bag....thanks for the freebies....love getting surprise free corals....thanks again

Terry I. from USA

Abalone Snail Algae Eater - Haliotis sp.

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Abalone Snail Algae Eater - Haliotis sp.


This Abalone adds interest to any aquarium. What makes Haliotis sp. unique is its tear-shaped shell dressed by a line of respiratory holes near the outer edge. It has an iridescent interior and a mantle covered with numerous papillae. Besides looking particularly unique, this member of the Haliotidae family serves an important role. As it glides along your aquarium substrate and glass, the Abalone feeds on algae. It si approx. 1.5 inches long or more.


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Great Corals

You guys are great and run a great company. I am always one to spread the good word about a company or service when I'm a happy customer.