Aquarium Maintenance

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    Aquacultured Bright Eagle Eye Zoas - 3 Polyps

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    Aquacultured Bright Eagle Eye Zoas - 3 Polyps


    Our bright eagle eye zoas are one of the classic saltwater morphs. This morph has very bright color. There are 3 polyps or more growing on a frag tile. They are all fast growing and adjust to most lighting.
    Zoanthid polyps are easy to keep which makes them a good choice for beginner reef aquarists. In good water parameters they will reproduce easily in the reef aquarium by budding which will increase the size of their colony. They contain the symbiotic algae "zooxanthellae" which will provide almost all of their nutritional requirements.
    Quick Care Info
    Care Level: Easy
    Temperament: Semi-aggressive
    Lighting: Medium
    Waterflow: Moderate

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    Aquarium Maintenance


      I could have bought from Foster and Smith (great outfit) but I would have gotten corals in the past that I didn't want for what I'm trying to do--SPS tank with LED blue lights. Secondly, the quality of your corals is superb. Also, I appreciated your he...

      Lydia B. from Colorado