Thank you for all of your help

Just wanted you to know that the corals you sent are just awesome and doing so nicely in my nano tank. I've been working on the nitrates in my reef tank and although still have all the fish in there, have been much more diligent about testing w/ "...


Aquacultured Green Pavona Coral - t-4-26-b

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Aquacultured Green Pavona Coral - t-4-26-b


This green pavona is a great buy. It is .75 Inches and glued on a frag plug. Because this coral does not encrust with a lot of tissue on the frag plug, it may need to be reglued to the plug upon delivery.

The Mint Pavona, Pavona frondifera, is a thin and leafy species of Pavona.  Unlike its larger and more common relative Pavona cactus, the Mint Pavona exhibits a more delicate growth form and grows in a very compact colony. ORA obtained this particular strain of P. frondifera from Julian Sprung several years ago and it has proven to be a hardy and fast growing coral. Though this picture was taken under natural sunlight (~5500k), the stunning mint green coloration is best enjoyed under lights that favor the blue end of the spectrum.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy to Moderate

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Lighting: Moderate

Waterflow:  Medium

Species: Pavona frondifera

$24.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Thanks for the coral freebies

Got the corals today everything looks good so far, just waiting for the lights to turn and polyps to open up. Thanks for the freebies, very generous of you. Will definitely do business in the future. Keep me in mind if you get anything real colorful or...