Lisa and Kevin They all made it fine, they're munchin on Aiptasia to their little heart's content... Thanks -Cole


Aquacultured Tabling Purple Sponge - 2-34-C

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Aquacultured Tabling Purple Sponge - 2-34-C

This .deep purple tabling sponge is growing on a plug and is approx 1.5 inches long. The sponge is completely covering the disk. Because this sponge makes it's own food from light, you do not have to feed it. If your lighting is closer to 10K it may look more black than purple. Under most lighting it is purple in color.

$29.99 Ships within 24 hours.


SPS Corals - Nice

Just wanted to drop a line telling you my corals arrived on time and in great condition. After acclimation the Blue Tort was nearly colored up after just one hour in my reef, the Orange Digitata has full polyp expansion. I am very pleased with your pro...

John L. from New Jersey