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    Back for a Third Tank

    I have ordered from you on two seperate occasions. Both times it went great. I have another tank that is terrible and could use some berghia, finding the others is pretty tough, as I;m sure you know. Let me know if you have more to ship. So thanks a bu...


    Aquacultured Pink Fairy Dust Palys Coral - 8 Polyps

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    Aquacultured Pink Fairy Dust Palys Coral - 8 Polyps


    These colorful Fairy Dust palys are a great buy. This piece has at least 7 polyps. They are very fast growing and adjust to most lighting.
    They are easy to keep which makes them a good choice for beginner reef aquarists. In good water parameters they will reproduce easily in the reef aquarium by budding which will increase the size of their colony.
    They contain the symbiotic algae "zooxanthellae" which will provide almost all of their nutritional requirements.
    Quick Care Info
    Care Level: Easy
    Temperament: Semi-aggressive
    Lighting: Medium
    Waterflow: Moderate
    Please see this article for more information about Zoanthid corals.

    $29.99 Ships within 24 hours.

    Aquarium Maintenance

      Thank You! you have saved my 55gal

      hI, 6 months or so i got 4 berghia. like you said i didnt see much of them. it wasnt long after i got them the aptaisa got way out of control. my son said that was some expensive fish food and, i started to wonder myself. i kept killing the large ones...