Back Again

I'm back for more Berghia. This is my third order in 3 years. I have 4 marine systems with 32 varieties of coral, 26 varieties of fish, and virtually every type of invertebrate available, within reason. The star being a 130 gallon living reef in the li...

Larry Baine from South Carolina

Aquacultured Sour Apple Montipora Undata Coral t-2-28-g

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Aquacultured Sour Apple Montipora Undata Coral t-2-28-g


Tise aquacultured Undata is a brightly colored encrusting / plating Montipora. This lime green Undata grows into a thick plate with a light purple edge. This is a fast growing coral that thrives under a wide range of lighting conditions

M. undata coral is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral that will add diversity to your reef aquarium.  The Montipora undata coral is peaceful and can be placed in close proximity to other similar peaceful corals in the reef aquarium.  

Please see this article for more information about Montipora corals.


Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Passive

Lighting:  Medium to High

Waterflow:  Moderate to High


Species: Montipora undata

$29.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Thanks for the Help

I wanted to let you know that our Berghia arrived about 9:00 this morning and I just finished acclimating them and putting them all into our 135 g tank. Thanks for the great service and helpful tips.

Cathy from Missouri