I bought 20 Berghia two months ago. Every one arrived alive and active. I had Hundreds of Aiptasia in my tank and my sump. I added most of them in the tank and a few in the sump. Here we are 2 months later and i can find a single Aiptasia....Thanks guy...

Harry Monceaux from Louisiana

Aquacultured SPS Mystery Coral 3-17-j

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Aquacultured SPS Mystery Coral 3-17-j


The Salty Underground aquacultured SPS mystery coral is a coral of , colorful and healthy coral for your tank.


$32.99 $26.39 Ships within 24 hours.



Hello, I just now received my nudibranches. I will definitely be letting everyone I know that keeps Marine Aquariums about your site. Thank you once again for such great service. Now I have to go get these things acclimated hehe. Thanks again and ...