The berghia that we bought from you did a great job and even reproduced. Thank you for your help.

Tracy S. from PA

Australian Bright Green Trachy Coral t-2-1

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Australian Bright Green Trachy Coral t-2-1


This 3 inch Australian Trachyphyllia coral is bright green. It has an unusual skeleton shape. This is very brightly colored and will add a bright slash of color to your tank.

Common names for Trachyphyllia corals are Open brain coral, Folded Brain coral, and Crater coral. It needs a moderate water flow to keep its surface clean of debris which can be harmful to this Brain coral.

These brain corals will take meaty foods readily for maximal growth.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy to Medium

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Lighting: Low

Waterflow:  Medium

Scientific name: Trachyphyllia sp.

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It's All Good

Everything arrived & acclimated well yesterday, and everything seems to be doing well today. I can only see a couple antennae from one of the berghia in a rock crevice today, but they all acted well & crawled inside crevices after acclimation yesterda...