Eating Right Away

Hi, I received them about 11AM this morning. I took a long lunch to acclimate them. All were alive and looked healthy, 2 starting eating as soon as they were put in the tank, the other 4 disappeared into the rock. Thanks, Sam


Awesome Large Aussie Spider Sponge t-4-19-L

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Awesome Large Aussie Spider Sponge t-4-19-L

This is a Australian spider sponge is a unique addition to your tank and it does not require much light. A 1.25 inch piece will make a great addition to any tank. This is actually two animals in one. There is the orange sponge which is partially covered by a whiite coral related to zoanthids. Lower flow is prefered. For the spider sponge to thrive you must feed filter feeder foods like phyto, marine snow and/or cyclopese.


$39.99 Ships within 24 hours.


working right away!

Hi Lisa, The nudibranchs arrived alive and well! they went to work right away, thanks again. Ron