Arrived Fine in Hot Weather

Hi, They arrived fine and are in the midst of the acclimation process at this very moment. I'm looking forward to disappearing aptasia. Lucia


Awesome Rare Tiger Sponge

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Awesome Rare Tiger Sponge

This is a Australian Rare Tiger sponge is a unique addition to your tank and it does not require much light. A 3+ inch piece will make a great addition to any tank. . Lower flow is prefered. For the tiger sponge to thrive you must feed filter feeder foods like phyto, marine snow and/or cyclopese.


$89.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Aiptasia Freaking Out

Thanks a lot. Everything arrived in good shape. I acclimated the Berghia for 2 hours with the drip method. A couple are eating right now. At least I think they are because the aiptasias are freaking out. The corals look great and thanks for the free...

Jim from Chicago Area