New Berghia Thanks

Just wanted to say thank you for the shipment of berghia's we recieved yesterday. They were all in good health and are now crawling around on our rock work. thank you, Eric and Christine

Eric and Christine

Banana Wrasse - Thalassoma lutescens

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Banana Wrasse - Thalassoma lutescens

The Banana Wrasse is also known as the Sunset Wrasse. They are an aggressive fish so they would need to be housed with other aggressive tank mates. The aquarium will need to be at least 125 gallons as they need plenty of swimming room along with plenty of live rock for hiding and hunting. A lid will be required as they are known to jump. They will eat bristleworms and mantis shrimps. Their diet will consist of brines, mysis, flakes, pellets, and other meaty foods.

This fish is guaranteed for live arrival.

$80.99 Ships within 24 hours.


All I can say is WOW!!

Both Berghia arrived in great condition. The directions for the acclamation were fool proof. I scraped an aiptasia off the glass and placed it in bag with them and they devoured it. Placed them together on a rock with many small aiptasia on it and aft...