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Hi, Just picked them up. They all seem to be alive too! We'll have to see how they do! Thanks for your help! TM


Panamic Barnacle Blenny Acanthemblemaria hancocki

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Panamic Barnacle Blenny Acanthemblemaria hancocki

The Panamic Barnacle Blenny (Acanthemblemaria Hancocki) is a great addition to the peaceful home aquarium!  They are an easy to keep fish and a good first fish for those new to the hobby, as well as a quirky addition to an established reef.  The red, white and black mottled fish will grow to approximately 2 inches.  Ours are currently very close to this size now.  The Barnacle Blenny will benefit from rock structure to perch and use as a lookout.  Adding several at a time to your aquarium makes an interesting community.

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Good afternoon, I just finished acclimating he berghia. I sure hope these guys can clear up my tank. I can't even count how many I have. I've tried everything aiptasia X, lime juice. You name it. I have one that is at least 3 inches across!!! I want ...