Clownfish and Berghia

Hi, The clownfish and berghia arrived, have acclimated and are eating. Thanks for everything, Lori


Blue Gudgeon Dartfish (Ptereleotris heteroptera)

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Blue Gudgeon Dartfish (Ptereleotris heteroptera)


The Blue Gudgeon Dartfish (Ptereleotris heteroptera) has a neon blue head and blue body with large dorsal and anal fins.  They are eating a variety of captive foods.

This fish requires a tank of 30 gallons or more with a sand bottom and ample swimming room. It will eat flake or frozen food. This fish is peaceful as long as it is the only dartfish in a small tank. It is reef safe. Keep this fish in a covered tank as it is known for jumping.

It is guaranteed for live arrival.

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Great corals

I have purchased a lot of corals from Salty Underground. Some of the corals I have purchased lately have really been outstanding. Salty Underground's prices are fair and far less than LFS. Try a hammer coral or frogspawn, you won't be disappointed.

Gary Rosenbaum