Every time I order from Lisa and the gang I am blown away. I placed another decent size order including a super nice Keds Red piece. Checkout and everything was completed. This order was placed late at night. Lisa informed me the next morning that unfo...

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Bright Pink And White Coco Worm - Protula bispiralis

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Bright Pink And White Coco Worm - Protula bispiralis


This Pink and white hard tube Coco Worm, Protula bispiralis, is a large filter feeding worm. They are a unique and interesting animal to add your saltwater aquarium. Tube worms feed on fine particulate in the water column and should be fed phytoplankton and liquid organic foods. They require good water quality and calcium levels. They are best placed in moderate to high flow areas. Lighting is immaterial.

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I just wanted to compliment you on your excellent customer service! Received my order on time and it was packaged very nicely. I really appreciate all the excellent acclimation instructions. It made the process easy. I was able to acclimate the Nud...

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