Great Job

Corals are awesome and as advertised. Cost to ship plus coral is the same as LFS but quality of coral is far better.

Sid Teska

Bumblebee Snails (Engina mendicaria)

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Bumblebee Snails (Engina mendicaria)


Our Bumblebee snails, Engina mendicaria, have a spiraling shell with yellow stripes and a black background. These small, colorful, hardy snails are known for eating uneaten meaty fish food or carrion. Some sources report bumblebee snails may eat bristleworms and Vermited snails.


$2.99 $2.24 Ships within 24 hours.


Thanks for the Upgrade

Lisa and Kevin, Thank you for the shipping upgrade. I received my order this morning Dec 12 and am in the middle of the drip process. The Berghia are alive and well. thanks Michael