Cold Weather No Problem

Got everything, thanks for the brighly colored Mushrooms. They survived -18 F ( guess warmer in the truck) with the heater packs. Thanks!

George E. from New Mexico

Captive Bred Maroon Clownfish Lightning

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Captive Bred Maroon Clownfish Lightning


The captive bred Maroon Lightning clownfish are a stunning variation of an ocellaris clownfish.  The length is approximately 1.25 inches. The Maroon Clownfsih will eat a variety of prepared fish foods, flake and pellet. These clownfish are very healthy, and beautiful!

This fish is guaranteed for live arrival.


$99.99 $74.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Just an update...

Just an update... my berghia are doing well. I have only seen the same 8 that have taken up territory on the very front of my large show piece rock. The rest of them have been hidding and eating in places that I have not found yet. The 8 that I have...