Berghia at Work

Berghia worked out great for me. They swept the tank over about a month. I think they must have starved themselves out by now, as I haven't seen any signs in about three weeks. What suprised me was how fast they went once they got going. It was like th...


Captive Bred Wyoming White Clownfish

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Captive Bred Wyoming White Clownfish


This Captive Bred Wyoming White clownfish is a stunning variation of an ocellaris clownfish.  This fish is approx. 1.75 inches. It eats a variety of prepared fish foods. This clownfish is very healthy and guaranteed for live arrival.


$79.99 $59.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Thanks for the Berghia

Hey, Got everything in and acclimated the Bergia yesterday. They were active in the holding cup while I was acclimating them. The heat pack was still warm and that probably helped a lot. Thanks for the berghia and wish me luck. Ray