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Carpenter Flasher Wrasse - Paracheilinus carpenteri

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Carpenter Flasher Wrasse - Paracheilinus carpenteri


This  carpenter flasher wrasse, Paracheilinus carpenteri, is bright red.  It is an active open water swimmer.   size is approx. 2 to 3 inches long or more and eating a variety of captive foods. (There is a fair amount of variation in these fish, your product may not look exactly like the one pictured.)

This wrasse requires a tank of 30 gallons or more. It is an omnivore and will eat flake or frozen food. This fish is peaceful as long as it is the only fairy in a small tank. It is reef safe. Keep this fish in a covered tank as it is known for jumping.

It is guaranteed for live arrival.

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Caught Eating the First Night

Hi, thanks again for expediting my berghia shipment. They all came in very healthy, and were eating aptasia the first night in the tank. Its been a pleasure buying from you, Nick