My corals are acclimated and in the tank looking great! Thank you all for such great customer service and affordable stunning coral!

Carol T. from Kentucky

FedEx Saturday Residence Delivery Surcharge

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FedEx Saturday Residence Delivery Surcharge


Add the Saturday Home Delivery surcharge only if you want delivery to your home address on Saturday.

 Some rural areas do not have Saturday delivery as an option. Contact us if you live in a rural area to verify Saturday delivery.

If you pick up at a FedEx location on Saturday this charge is not needed. Saturday pickup at a FedEx location costs the same as delivery during the week.

Free shipping does not cover this additional FedEx Saturday surcharge. 

Check the live arrival guarantee for more information about Saturday delivery.

$18.00 $13.50 Ships within 24 hours.


Second Order As Good as the First

Just wanted to say these little guys (Berghia) made it fine :). This is the second time i ordered from you guys and it has been another pleasure :) Thanks again

Joe from New Jersey