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Well approximately 3 months ago I bought 20 berghia from saltyunderground. They arrived live and well. I was somewhat skeptical about how this purchase would turn out after reading many statements on the internet that the berghia did not work. I have w...

Darryl Vanacker from Woodstock, Ontario, CANADA

Fishers Angel

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Fishers Angel

Fishers angels go by many names, Fishers Pygmy, Fishers Dwarf Angelfish and a few more. They originate from the Hawaiian Islands. Fishers Angels require a tank of at least 55 gallons with plenty of rocks with caves for hiding and swimming through. They are not considered reef safe as they will eat corals and sessile invertebrates. Their diet may be mysis, frozen shrimp, and marine algae. 

This fish is garunteed for live arrival

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Berghia Buffet

They are here and they seem to be doing fine. I have fed the little buggers, and they look like the are at a buffet. I am drip acclimating them currently. The other people in the group buy are on their way over to pick up. Thank you very much. Ver...

Dustin and Debbie