Berghia and Ricordia Arrive Great

Hi, everything made it okay and on time. The 5 Berghia are nice. We had an old 20g frag tank that kinda didin't take off as planned. We're gonna put whatever Berghia we find into this tank after they are done with the big tank. We've taken as many ...


Hawaiian Feather Duster

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Hawaiian Feather Duster


Hawaiian feather dusters are a large filter feeding worms. They are a unique and interesting animal to add your saltwater aquarium. Feather dusters feed on fine particulate in the water column such as phytoplankton. They are best placed in moderate to high flow areas. Lighting is immaterial.



$29.99 Ships within 24 hours.


New Berghia Thanks

Just wanted to say thank you for the shipment of berghia's we recieved yesterday. They were all in good health and are now crawling around on our rock work. thank you, Eric and Christine

Eric and Christine